Rabu, 11 Maret 2015

Mommy..Please Dont Go..!!!

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Mommy..Please try..and try your best..
Nothing is going to change..
So my life can stay the same..

Mommy..You can not die..
Its not your turn..
You must pull through your cancer..
Please..Mommy..Don’t go..!!!

I love you..Mommy
I know that you love me too..
That is why you’ve got to make it..
I know that you can do it..
Please Mommy..Stay with me..

Mommy..I have enough to say..
My heart is breaking cause you are no longer here with me.
God chose you for His angel to watch me from above.
God had better plans for you..and I surely knew.

When I think of your kind heart and all those loving years.
My memories surround me and I can not hold back my tears.
You always had a tender touch and warm and gentle grin..
You have taught me and make you praud you will see.
Thank you mommy for all the love you showed me.
Although you have left this earth and now you have taken flight.
I know that you always here with my heart..
I love you ..Mommy


Mirdiff Dubai UAE,March 10 2015
Andrealica Nhordeeniz

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