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Wedding Day…that’s a day to remember for everyone. I’m sure you want makes your wedding is a day you’ll never forget- for all the right reasons! To make it work, you need to plan everything in details. To plan it on details can be a lot of work. But they can also means a lot of fun.

First, you need to plan a special theme for your wedding party: classic and traditional celebration, or a funky, fun day, or anything in between. It must be good if you can make your wedding day reflect your personal taste.

You must adjust your theme with your wedding dress, decoration, cake, flowers, music and the menu.
The classic and traditional need an elegant decoration with a pretty and classic look. . I like white ivory and gold color with some red and white roses. An elegant two tier wedding cake covered with smooth white fondant and decorated with gorgeous white roses and topped with the most traditional wedding cake toppers like”the dancing bride and groom wedding cake topper.
If you choose modern wedding party or maybe funky wedding party, you are free reflect your personal taste to express your personality. This is your day..and this is a chance to have things look just the way you want them!
You can choose your favorite colors for your wedding theme and adjust the decoration, wedding dress and even your wedding cake in your color and style. It also a good idea to make an unique wedding cake with special topper. The cake will deserve its own section in your photo album or one that will be remembered in your day. You can try to choose wedding cake topper that truly reflect a bride and groom’s personal style.

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